Podcast #607

#607 – Ken Ham’s Rainbow Ark – Chris Sprinkle: How to Start your own Girl’s Group

Preston Sprinkle

Ken Ham's Rainbow ArkTheology in the Raw

How do I forgive abusive parents? What does it mean to forgive? Does forgiveness always mean reconciliation? 

It’s obvious to see that there are things God tolerates in the Old Testament and not in the New. How do we work through these issues and does this suggest Same Sex Marriage is accepted now through the New Testament?

What does Preston think of Ken Ham’s Rainbow Ark?

Many progressive theologians suggest that God did not sacrifice Jesus, His son,  because that would be unloving and barbaric. However, how do we properly work through passages like Isaiah 53 and the teaching of John the Baptist. Preston points to an essay by Simon Gathercole titled “Defending Substitution” which provides a compelling argument for Substitutionary Atonement. 

Can you be angry with God? How do we work through those real and raw feelings in a way that brings us closer to God? 

Chris Sprinkle is also in to discuss her young girl’s group and provide some helpful tips in order to start one in your area. 

If you have more questions, you can email Chris at [email protected].

The music featured on today’s podcast is by a band called Wild Earth and the song is titled “As One”. You can check them out at https://www.wildearthmusic.com/.

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