Podcast #605

#605 – How Do We Read the Book of Job?

Preston Sprinkle

How Do We Read the Book of Job?Theology in the Raw

Can we trust that the New Testament gives us a true and accurate representation of Jesus? It is commonly assumed that Jesus probably spoke Aramaic when He was here on the Earth. The New Testament was written in Greek. Since this is the case how can we ever know what Jesus actually said and continue to build theological doctrine around those words?

How do we read the book of Job? Whole sections of Job are full of bad theology; the original Hebrew is difficult to translate; the poetic nature is totally lost in the English language. 

How can we have a perfect existence in heaven if we know millions of people are being tortured eternally in Hell? 

If we move more toward home churches and withdraw from politics, are we being bad stewards of the gifts God has given us? 

How do you prepare for a British Ph.D. program? 

The Music – FoldingLights – Fear the Night – https://youtu.be/wHiqQ0681Ng

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