Podcast #1009

#1009 – The Theory of Racelessness: Dr. Sheena Mason

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

The Theory of Racelessness argues that Race does not exist in nature. Race does not exist as a social construction. Everyone is raceless. Racism includes the belief in race as biological or a construction and the practice of racialization. Racism is not everywhere and is not the cause for every perceived “racial” disparity or negative interaction. Racism can be overcome.

The Theory of Racelessness is the brain child of scholar, teacher, and writer Dr. Sheena Mason, who earned her Ph.D. in English literature “with distinction” in May 2021 from Howard University. She joined the faculty at SUNY Oneonta in Oneonta, NY, in August 2021, as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in African American literature. She has taught at the College of William and Mary, California Lutheran University, and Howard University. Her book titled Theory of Racelessness: A Case for Philosophies of Antirace(ism) is scheduled to be released by Palgrave Macmillan on September 23, 2022. Additionally, she co-authored “Harlem Renaissance: An Interpretation of Racialized Art and Ethics,” a chapter of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Ethics and Art examining what, if anything, is the proper role of race in the aesthetic productions of or about members of racialized populations.

Find out more about The Theory of Racelessness at: https://www.theoryofracelessness.org